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May 21, 2009

Breathless Wins Gold In Barcelona

May 19, 2009

Critically acclaimed Korean independent feature Korean film
"Breathless" triumphed again in Europe. This time, Yang Ik-joon’s drama
received the Golden durian award at the 11th Barcelona Asian Film
Festival (BAFF).

On the closing day of the festival 10 May 2009 ֖ BAFF praises Yang
Ik-joon’s brilliant debut", his versatility, and his captivating
portrayal of domestic violence. The prize includes six thousand Euro for
YANG’s future project.



New Epic Drama To Bring Rivalry, Love To TV

May 19, 2009

MBC is bringing the tale of Korea’s first reigning Queen Seondeok to
the small screen through its new Korean drama "Queen Seon-deok’ next

Queen Seondeok was the first female to rule the nation, and the
broadcaster of previous successful lineups, including "My Wife is a
Superwoman", and "Beethoven Virus", will bring the life and struggle
of the queen to viewers.

As the drama…


Jeon Ji-hyeon Attempts Major Transformation In Action Movie

May 19, 2009

Korean actress

Jun Ji-hyun
has made a foray into action movies by playing a
leading role in the movie "Blood", which opens June 11 worldwide. In
"Blood", which marks Jeon’s Hollywood debut, she appears wearing a
school uniform and flying in the sky on wires. Her new role stands
apart from her previous roles of sexy and sassy gals.

In an interview on May 12, Jeon said…


Kim Hye-soo In ARENA

May 18, 2009

Korean actress

Kim Hye-soo
is one sexy star. She has modeled in ARENA magazine
with a world reknown photographer, Terry Richardson.

PROFILE is the model title of the photoshoot concept. She has not
failed to bring yet another artistic and poised photoshoot.

She seems full of energy and beauty of her own. Many other stars
will follow Kim Hye-soo in working with this famous


Won Bin’s ‘Second Life’ With ‘Mother – 2009’

May 18, 2009

South Korean actor and heartthrob

Won Bin
, who made a comeback through Bong Joon-ho’s "Mother –
2009", now showing at the Cannes festival, said the thriller marks a
"new start" in his acting career.

"If it was round one until now, then `Mother – 2009′ signals the
start of round two in my life as an actor", the 31-year-old was
quoted as telling…


Old Films Return With Foreign Dubbing

May 18, 2009

The Korean Film Archive (KOFA) has recovered and restored from
overseas five old Korean films, and will offer screenings at its
theater in northern Seoul through the end of the month.
Interestingly, these popular works from the 1960s and ’70s are
dubbed in Chinese and English, and will be shown with Korean

"Monster Yonggari" (1967) by Kim Ki-deok marked the birth of


Daytime TV Embraces Lurid Subject Matter

May 18, 2009

Adultery is becoming a common theme in Korean TV dramas that air in
the morning, when many pre-school children are watching. Research by
the Chosun Ilbo shows that since 2004, nine out of 11 morning dramas
on MBC and 10 out of 15 on SBS had adultery as the main theme.
Strong language and domestic violence are often essential

Documentaries also deal increasingly with lurid subjects. Kang


Kim Yoon-jin Spurs Trench Coat Mania

May 18, 2009

Korean actress

Kim Yoon-jin
has become a worldwide fashion icon with a trench coat
she is wearing in ABC’s "Lost".

Kim was among 16 fashion icons named by U.S. magazine Entertainment
Weekly along with Selma Hayek, Christina Applegate and Britney Spears.

The weekly said the Tory Burch trench coat priced at US$237 that Kim
wears in "Lost" while searching for her missing husband is a highly
coveted item among…


Blockbuster Drama Unveils Video Promo

May 18, 2009

The upcoming blockbuster Korean drama "IRIS" has released its first
trailer. Due to air later in the year, "IRIS" features a star-studded

Lee Byung-hun
, Kim Tae-hee, Jeong Joon-ho, Kim Seung-woo, Kim So-yeon,
and T.O.P. (Choi Seung-hyeon) of Big Bang. The spy thriller is the most
anticipated drama of this year, garnering attention with enormous
production cost and extensive overseas filming.

The recently released video promo opens with National Security Service…



G-dragon Is Really A Woman

May 18, 2009

Since when did fashion icon equate to cross dressing?

Being the fashion icon they are, Korean
music group ‘Big Bang’, has been selected to be the cover models for the
June issue of ‘Arena’ magazine (Korea). But seriously, what is up with
G-Dragon’s hair  in the group photo? Thought he was a random "ahjumma"
in the photo for a second there.

For those of you wondering who the old man in the picture is,…


Will "Boys Over Flowers" Craze Ever End?

May 18, 2009

Probably not.

Only four more days and the Korean actors Goo Jun-pyo, Yun Ji-hu
version of the music Korean drama will be released through ‘MNet’ this
coming 19th. The background music for the
second music drama will feature ‘My Everything’ for Goo Jun-pyo’s story
and ‘Sometime’ for the story of Yun Ji-hu.  ‘Planet 905 Production’

For Yun Ji-hu’s portion of the music drama we’ve included scenes
that were cut from the original drama.…


Can Han Ji-hye Sing?

May 18, 2009

Probably not.

But that didn’t stop her from recording a single for the OST of her
show Korean actress ‘Han
‘s shoe designer challenge-Shoes! My Dream’. Han Ji-hye

New challenges are always exciting. This is my first album
recording after my debut so i’m really nervous. Just like the time
when I took my first step as a shoe designer, this album recording
was just as new and exciting. Just as the…


Do You Want ‘Big Bang’ Freebies?

May 18, 2009

Yes, yes don’t we all. And brands like ‘Caffe
Latte’ know this all too well. Beginning on the 15th, ‘Caffe Latte’ will
begin their month long star marketing event, ‘Cheer Up! with Big Bang’.
The event is open to all purchasing customers (in Korea) and random
winners will be selected through their homepage (
to win free ‘Big Bang’ merchandise. The freebies include autographs, CD,
letters handwritten by Korean music band, ‘Big Bang’…



Lee Hyori In New Duet

May 18, 2009

Korean singer and actress

Lee Hyo-ri
has been  hinting at a new project that she will be
working on but has refrained from providing details, poking at the
curiousity of fans. Well, be curious no more.
The sexy diva will release a duet single with singer ‘Yoon-gun’ of the
infamous R&B duo, ‘Brown Eyes’. The duet called, ‘Pretty’, is said to be
a "sweet electronic" style of music which is a genre both…


Sin Min-ah’s S-line

May 17, 2009

She looks good in just simple denim jeans!

How can she be sexy and
cute at the same time?

Korean actress

Shin Min-ah
participates in Loveholic’s new single "Miracle
Blue" as a vocal!

Here, she is modeling in Calvin Klein’s jean collection. Look
forward to her model shoots as well as her new song!

Her voice is so alluring!….



Lee Min-ho, James Dean Style?

May 17, 2009

He has transformed into a London boy!

Korean actor

Lee Min-ho
has been in a photoshoot for the VOGUE GIRL
magazine’s June edition.

The Koo Joon-pyo image is so strong on him that it seems hard for
Lee to take any other role is what Lee says.

Right now, he will try to take some time for himself and then
look at different projects coming soon……



Yeo Woon-kye Fighting Lung Cancer

May 17, 2009

Yeo Woon-kye, a Korean actress who has been working hard all these
years as an actress has been fighting lung cancer.

She has been
placed in the ICU recently and is being cared for.

Yeo has been suffering with her health conditions since 2007 but
with her successful surgery she was able to act.

The actress has debuted in 1962 and has hits such as "My Name is
Kim Sam-soon" "Dae Jang…..


Han Ye-in, Unrecognizable!

May 17, 2009

Korean actress

Han Ye-in
from "Coffee Prince" had the high schooler image in
the drama.

Now, in her new magazine shoot, she seems to have
changed a lot since then!

She no longer has the girl image, but a matured actress with
great charisma!

Let’s hope she returns to the screens soon!…


Female Film Producer Jung Dies

May 17, 2009

Korean film producer Jung Seung-hye, the head of Korean movie
production company Achim and a famed copywriter, died Sunday from
colon cancer. She was 44.

Jung has been suffering from the illness since 2006 and was
hospitalized last month after her condition worsened.

"She struggled against the disease, but as the cancer spread to her
lungs, her condition got worse", said Lee…


SBS Furious At KBS

May 16, 2009

Why? Because both of the big-time Korean broadcasting stations are
planning to air a drama with similar storylines.

KBSs drama Magazine Allo starring Korean actress

Han Chae-young
and SBS’s drama Style starring Korean actor,
actress Lee Zia and Ryu Si-won are both fashion magazine dramas that
cover the topic of work and love.

The drama Style is actually a rendition of the book Style by author
Baek Young-ok which means SBS invested money…



Entertainment News

May 13, 2009

Yoon Eun-hye At VIP Screening!

May 3, 2009

Korean actress

Yoon Eun-hye was at the VIP film screening for the
upcoming "My Girlfriend is an Agent".

She looks so pretty!

her sense of fashion is also very unique! Zebra print pants!


Teenage Sexuality In Local Pop Culture Pervasive

May 3, 2009

By James Turnbull
Contributing Writer

So brief that if you blinked you’d miss most of it, at first viewing
there is nothing untoward about Yakult’s most recent commercial for
the milk drink "O’yu", currently playing on Korean television.

Indeed, with four middle school girls singing and dancing to its
jingle based on the name of the product and repeating English
vowels, many viewers would simply

‘Thirst’ Tops Box Office In Korea With 600,000 Moviegoers

May 3, 2009

of Director Park Chan-wook’s latest korean film, placed top in the box
office during the two consecutive holidays of the opening week.

The film attracted a total of 626,024 moviegoers during the first three
days after the release, following 439,950 at 601 cinemas across the
country for May Day and Saturday, according to the integrated computer
network figure of the Korean Film Council.

The film also attracted 178,000


Mysterious Visitors Change Lives In 3 Films At Jeonju Fest

May 3, 2009

‘The three of us were working with the concept of the visitor
without realizing it. I think it was fate’.

JEONJU – A bunch of mysterious guests have invaded the Jeonju
Digital Project, the centerpiece of the international film
festival’s award-winning program.

This year, three internationally-known Asian filmmakers – Korea’s
Hong Sang-soo, Japan’s Naomi Kawase and the Philippines’ Lav Diaz –
have contributed a





Festival To Focus Its Future On Indie Film Industry

May 3, 2009

Jeonju International Film Festival

JEONJU – While concern over the new strain of influenza virus
escalated over the weekend with reports on confirmed cases in and
outside the country, this provincial city in the southwestern part
of Korea seemed isolated from such worldly concerns. Or so it

The grand opening of the Jeonju International Film Festival on
Thursday had this tradition-rich town in North Jeolla……….


Choi Song-hyeon Drops Clean-Cut TV Image In Debut Movie

May 2, 2009

Korean actress Choi Song-hyeon transforms herself from the elegant and
clean-cut professional Koreans know from TV into a sexy smoker with long
wavy hair and a leather jacket in her big-screen acting debut in
Insadong Scandal.

Although she has a minor part, Choi says she is happy her dream to be an
actress came true. In the film, she shows a dramatically different side
of herself. "It was very……….


Hong Ji-young Looks On The Brighter Side Of Adultery

May 1, 2009

What is more interesting about the Korean
film "The Naked Kitchen" by Hong Ji-young than the material is the
way the director deals with it. Here, an adulterous affair is
portrayed not as something scandalous or tragic but with humor and

Hong sidesteps any sweeping moral standards or family values and
focuses instead on the emotions of the three actors, asking
fundamental questions about love.



New Historical Dramas Struggling To Find Viewers

May 1, 2009

The heroines of Korean history, who had been tipped to draw huge TV
soap audiences this year, are struggling with present-day realities.

Korean drama (SBS) "Princess Ja Myung Go" only draws about 10
percent ratings and KBS’ "The Iron Empress" some 15 percent. One
reason may be that they failed to win the hearts of middle-aged men,
the bedrock of audiences for historical drama.

TNS Media….


"The City Hall" A New Hit?

May 1, 2009

Cha Seung-won’s sexy body is shown in these scenes!

The second
episode has been aired this last week and it has been a hit!

Sin Mi-rae is acted by Kim Seon-ah who is trying out for a beauty
pageant while Jo Gook acted by Cha Seung-won is going for the vice
mayor position!

Korean drama "The City Hall" has hit the 14.6 percent viewer rate
by this second episode!

Congrats to…



Park Bo-yeong At A Volunteer Service!

May 1, 2009

She became famous through the film, "Speedy Scandal" and has been
loved by fans since!

Here, she is volunteering at a senior
citizens home.

Korean actress Park Bo-yeong is enjoying time with old ladies and
gentlemen of 80~100 years old by taking walks and cleaning!

It’s so thoughtful of her to take time out of her celeb life and
helping around those who need it……




How Is She 42 Years Old?

May 1, 2009

Here are some of her recent pictures!

The diva is 42 years old,
but sure doesn’t look like it!

Korean actress Uhm Jung-hwa is so beautiful at this age! She is
not even aging!……



Lee Yo-won’s New Character As A Queen!

May 1, 2009

Seon Deok Queen is Korea’s first queen in history.

The new drama,
"Queen Seon Deok" will be starring

Lee Yo-won!

She has been a model of 170cm height and great charisma. She is
in a queen’s costume and has a great poise.

Here is her poster picture for the drama. …….



Lee Hyo-lee’s New Photoshoot

May 1, 2009

Korean singer and actress Lee Hyo-lee‘s unofficial uncut photoshoot
scenes are online.

The hot diva actress is modeling for TOPGIRL
concept for Ceci magazine!

Isn’t she so sexy and attractive?……. 



Lee Ji-ah In ARENA Magazine

April 30, 2009

Korean actress

Lee Ji-ah modeled for the men’s magazine, ARENA.

She looks a bit disheveled, but all the more sexier, right?

Lee has been popular through the drama "Beethoven Virus" most
recently taking the boyish and tough character.

Her casual and bright feminine image is a great concept! …… 


Jang Nara At A Film Festival

April 30, 2009

Korean actress

Jang Nara has been invited to the 10th Jeon-ju
National Film Festival on the 30th.

Doesn’t she look so pretty in
he metallic grey colored mini dress? …….



Kim Tae-hee’s Radiance!

April 30, 2009

Korean actress

Kim Tae-hee was at the Wolverine’s release VIP event.

She is walking out in the crown, but her beauty shines and radiates!

You can spot her out of the group of people around her!…….



Coffee Prince Made Into A Movie!

April 30, 2009

The hit drama "Coffee Prince" will be made into a film!

Korean actor, actress

Yoon Eun-hye nor Gong Yoo will not be in this
film. The scenario is being made and cast being interviewed!

The filming will start this October and hopefully be released
next year!……


Lee Joon-ki At Fan Meeting!

April 30, 2009

Korean actor

Lee Joon-ki is in front of VOVHOMME chain for the
‘Perfect Sunblock’ launching ceremony.

Here he is posing in front
of the camera for a photo time before he starts his fan




‘Cyborg She’, One Man’s Perverse Fantasy

April 30, 2009

Director Kwak Jae-yong has been giving less than stellar
performances ever since the South Korean megahit "My Sassy Girl"
(2001) and the mellow romance "The Classic" (2003) ― and he makes an
effort to redeem himself, rather fruitlessly, in "Cyborg She".

The Korea-Japan joint production nevertheless held a top spot in the
Japanese box office for five weeks and sold over 110,000 DVDs.….


Korean Animation To Screen At Cannes Film Festival

April 29, 2009

Kid", an animation directed by Jung Yu-mi, has been invited to the
prestigious Director’s Fortnight Program at the 62nd Cannes
International Film Festival to be held in France from May 13 to 24.

The 10-minute independent short animation features a theme that
although, like dust settling directly after cleaning, people are never
free from worries, they are still able to garner their strength.

Winning the application for the……